A Foundation of Training

 JASON | Year 11
 Since graduating from Lifeteams in 2011, Jason has been employed with YU/YFC in, first in Edmonton and now in Vancouver. He is currently the “Street Life Outreach Program Coordinator” in East Vancouver. In addition, for the past three years, Jason has served as the chairman of YFC Canada’s “Young Leadership Advisory Board” (primarily serving to advise/be a think tank for the national director) on the national board of directors of YFC Canada.

“Lifeteams provided me with a foundation of training that enabled me to do ministry well. I learned a high standard for what it meant to be a youth worker. Without Lifeteams, I would not be able to do my job. The practical lessons of how to share the gospel, how to respond to crisis, and how to work collaboratively within the community are skills that I use week after week. Lifeteams refined my skills and character. I am a better man because of Lifeteams, and that too greatly impacts my ministry and life as whole. I’m thankful for how Lifeteams not only teaches great skills, but simultaneously invests in the student’s character .”