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Issue: Answering Tough Questions

Often it’s not what we say but how we say it that makes a difference. Young people may be asking tough questions for a lot reasons and how we answer them can be an invitation to continued conversation.  Check out the ideas on this helpsheet to help you be prepared for the tough questions.

View and download the Helpsheet HERE.

Also check out the 3 minute training video to accompany this Helpsheet HERE

Issue: Self Injury


There are many different reasons for youth to self-harm. If they feel numb, they can self- harm to feel alive. If they are angry, they can self harm to punish someone else. It can take many different forms – anything from cutting to unsafe sex. The most common reason people start self-harming is to reduce emotional distress. And in the immediate, it works. That’s why self-harm is so addicting.

View and download the Helpsheet HERE.

Click HERE to watch an accompanying training video!

Further recommended  reading: “Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut” by Marv Penner, and  “Healing the Hurt Within ”  by J. Hope Sutton

WARNING: We don’t recommend kids going onto online forums and talking about self-harm. In our experience it seems to trigger the urge to self harm, teach them, increase their options of how to do it, and how to keep it secret longer. Having said that there are many online forums for kids to get plugged into. If a young person is involved in online forums anyway, it’s important that they plug into a positive forum focused on health and help. provides some less negative and more healthy online exchanges.

Relational: Building Trust with Youth (2:28)

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 12.59.57 PMCarol Reist – Executive Director at the Dam Drop In Centre – learned early on that youth don’t just trust you because you “show up.” She shares something she learned as a new youth worker just starting to build into the lives of often resistant youth.

Click the picture to watch the video. Continue reading Relational: Building Trust with Youth (2:28)

Bryan: God and a Cup of Coffee

coffee-moneySince Lifeteams started I’ve been particularly worried about money. Mostly because I don’t have any and I’m fundraising my support. It’s been tough. This week at placement I took Brett for a coffee. Before Brett and I left I grabbed one of the $5 Tim Hortons cards that are available for the staff. We walked up to Tims and talked a little bit about his family and about his big dreams of working in the oil fields (where everyone gets rich apparently). When we arrived we ordered 2 coffees and just as I was about to swipe the gift card he asked if we could bring back a bagel for his girlfriend. I was doing the math in my head and I realized quite quickly this would be coming out to more than the $5 that I had on my gift card. I’ve got no money, but I decided … Continue reading Bryan: God and a Cup of Coffee

Shut Up and Listen

James 1I’ve been reading through Luke and yesterday I got to the story where the resurrected Jesus met two of his followers as they walked down the road trying to figure out what the heck was going on. As I sat out on my deck – avoiding going back into the house to get to work – I thought about the conversation. Jesus knew everything that was going on in the situation. I mean he was in the very middle of what was going on, … Continue reading Shut Up and Listen