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A Foundation of Training

 JASON | Year 11
 Since graduating from Lifeteams in 2011, Jason has been employed with YU/YFC in, first in Edmonton and now in Vancouver. He is currently the “Street Life Outreach Program Coordinator” in East Vancouver. In addition, for the past three years, Jason has served as the chairman of YFC Canada’s “Young Leadership Advisory Board” (primarily serving to advise/be a think tank for the national director) on the national board of directors of YFC Canada.

“Lifeteams provided me with a foundation of training that enabled me to do ministry well. I learned a high standard for what it meant to be a youth worker. Without Lifeteams, I would not be able to do my job. The practical lessons of how to share the gospel, how to respond to crisis, and how to work collaboratively within the community are skills that I use week after week. Lifeteams refined my skills and character. I am a better man because of Lifeteams, and that too greatly impacts my ministry and life as whole. I’m thankful for how Lifeteams not only teaches great skills, but simultaneously invests in the student’s character .”

Issue: Building Resiliency

One of the biggest determining factors in whether a kid makes it through tough times is how resilient they are. And resiliency can be developed. As youth workers we may not be able to remove kids from unhealthy situations but we can help them become people that are not consumed by them.

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Issue: High Conflict Youth

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Working with high conflict youth can bring out heightened emotions in youth workers just as much as in the youth. So how do we help teens without getting caught up in their drama?

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Issue: Reporting and Responding to Abuse

It’s not something any of us ever want to face with youth and yet statistics tell us 1 out of every 3 adults in Canada have been impacted by abuse. If a youth discloses an abuse to you, you are 1 of 3. Do you know what to do? Here are some first steps to get you started.

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Issue: Reporting & Responding to Abuse

As we work with youth through the difficulties of life, we are unfortunately bound to encounter various occurrences of abuse. Iona Snair talks to us about first steps in responding to and reporting abuse.

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Lifeteams Shaped Me!

lifeteams14-15-8RACHEL | Year 15
After Lifeteams, Rachel did a Child and Youth Care program in college, then went on to work in a group home for 2 years. Now, she is going back to school to be an admin assistant. She’s enjoyed the journey so far and still looks back on Lifeteams as a formative year in her life. 

“Lifeteams taught me what it looks like to be the same person everywhere I go. Whether I’m hanging out with youth, meeting with my mentor, doing homework or just being goofy – I’ve learned to know and be myself and to honour God in everything. Our teachers modelled this very well and a good chunk of what I took away from Lifeteams was just from watching how our teachers lived their lives. Lifeteams helped shape the person I am today. And I like this person!”

“In the Name of Jesus” by Henri J. M. Nouwen

Ain-the-name-of-jesus-9780824512590 short, easy and poignant read, In the Name of Jesus, is a fundamental leadership resource for those in or working towards faithful Christian leadership. Framing his points around the stories of the temptations of Jesus and Peter’s call to be a shepherd, Nouwen reflects that Christian leaders are constantly tempted to be relevant, popular and powerful.

“My movement from Harvard to L’Arche made me aware in a new way how much my thinking about Christian leadership had been affected by the desire to be relevant, the desire for popularity, and the desire for power.”

Nouwen gives us tools to combat this temptation by encouraging us to truly act in the name of Jesus by: being ready to stand amidst what’s “relevant” and discern God’s actions there; turning to prayer; and being vulnerable to those you serve. In these pages Nouwen encourages us in Christian leadership to truly, truly love Jesus. A soul refreshing read.

Issue: Problem Solving with Youth

As we walk with youth through difficulty we need to be intentional about how much hands on support we offer. Iona Snair shows us how we can focus on empowering these youth we work closely with.

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Click HERE to download the accompanying Helpsheet on this topic.
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Issue: Problem Solving with Youth

As youth workers we can get stuck in ‘rescuing’ the youth we work with and forget about empowering them to manage their lives. Iona Snair shares with us how we can go about teaching this vital life skill to youth.

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Training: Volunteer Orientation Video & Leaders Guide (29:46)

An engaging and highly useful video to help introduce youth work volunteers on some basic 101 information. Take your 4 hour session down to 1 with this excellent 30 minute video and guided interaction with your volunteers from our leaders guide.

Download our Leaders Guide PDF to compliment our 30min Volunteer Orientation Video HERE.

“Stolen” by Katarina Rosenblatt, PhD


Stolen (Katarina Rosenblatt, PhD)
Written from the perspective of a survivor of the the web of sex trafficking, the book leads you chronologically through her journey–from the missing ingredients in her life that made a life of sex trafficking more accessible to the events that lead her away and into a journey of healing for herself and others.
It’s an eye opening story that helps the reader understand how subtly sex trafficking has invaded our suburban lives–and why we need to
be on watch for those at risk in our communities. -Book Review by Jen Hubbard.

“Sexual Detox: A Guide for Guys who are sick of Porn” by Tim Challies


detoxpornchalliesbookSexual Detox: A Guide for Guys who are sick of porn (Tim Challies)
We know that porn is everywhere, and most often it’s not whether a teen has looked at porn–but how much has been viewed and what sort of an impact that viewing has had. This book looks at reality and the impact porn has on present and future relationships in their lives. Each chapter has follow-up questions that challenge the reader to engage in an accountability relationship for help in working

                                                                 through their struggles. -Book Review                                                                    by Jen Hubbard