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Colin: Chain Reactions

Red chain linkIt is amazing to see the chain reaction of God’s wisdom being poured into people. We had a guest speaker (Dave), who is a mentor and close friend of Rob and Iona, come in and talk about relationships which was very insightful. It was very clear to me that Dave was having God’s truth poured into him, and he was investing in Rob, who is investing in me, and I am pouring into ‘Andy’ and the other youth.

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Kayla: Love Lumps

board gamesThe other night, during an animated, laughter-filled game of ‘Taboo’, there was an especially fragrant aroma of joy at the RV. It was my friend Nathan’s turn to guess. The word was ‘love handles’. A few quick glances were shared, the timer was flipped and the round was on!

Nathan’s partner went right into explaining that lovely deposit of excess which sits right above the hips–most prominent, often spilling over, when wearing pants with a tight waistband.

“Muffin-top!” Nathan exclaimed. Continue reading Kayla: Love Lumps

Issue: Broken Homes (3:11)

1 in 3 teens live in the context of a broken home. We know you see their hurt. And we know you want to respond.

Click HERE to view the accompanying Helpsheet on this topic.

Click HERE to download a black & white copy of the accompanying Helpsheet on this topic.

Click HERE to download the colour copy of the accompanying Helpsheet on this topic.

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Issue: Anxiety (4:52)

Anxiety impacts roughly 1 in 5 Canadian teens–and it’s often confusing to know how to help. This video gives an overview of the signs & symptoms, plus simple tips for assisting teens in moving forward.

To view our anxiety helpsheet that accompanies this video click HERE.

To download the helpsheet click HERE.

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Issue: Mental Health & Youth

MentalHealthWe know the amount of care required by serious mental health concerns is too heavy to manage alone. Working together is better.  Helping teens with mental health challenges requires the creation of or connection to a network of support for the teen.

View and download the Helpsheet HERE.

Click HERE to watch a video about Mental Health 101.

Click HERE to watch a video about walking alongside youth who struggle with mental health.

It takes five…

edge 2

“I used to stare down and wonder at the fall. Would it be quick or slow, or would images haunt me forever Until somebody pulled me from the edge and taught me to fly?”

This is a quote written by a student during last week’s Mental Health Awareness campaign. It’s about the battle with suicidal thoughts and a young person waiting to be rescued by someone. Continue reading It takes five…

I’ve been ready all my life

imagesI had a birthday this month. I am now a few years into the second half of my first century. Not too big a deal.

I tell people that I still feel thirty. The truth is, I don’t really remember what I felt like at thirty. The lines get a bit blurred for me some days as to what the number of my age means.

One of my students shares the same birthday as me. She turned 19. Just starting life. Becoming an adult, she said. A big deal. I turned 53. Old by my students’ standards. Not a big deal. Continue reading I’ve been ready all my life

Showed me how to meet with Jesus

Lifeteams-64SARAH | Year 14
Sarah is  currently pursuing her passion for environmental justice through working towards a Bachelor of Science at UBC. She also volunteers as a workshop facilitator with an organization called Check Your Head, through which she teaches youth about social justice issues. 

“The greatest impact that Lifeteams had on me was showing me how to meet with Jesus in ways that I never have before, and giving me the desire and the tools to bring others into his life-giving presence.”