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Lifeteams Shaped Me!

lifeteams14-15-8Rachel – Lifeteams 2014/15

Lifeteams taught me what it looks like to be the same person everywhere I go. Whether I’m hanging out with youth, meeting with my mentor, doing homework or just being goofy – I’ve learned to know and be myself and to honour God in everything. Our teachers modelled this very well and a good chunk of what I took away from Lifeteams was just from watching how our teachers lived their lives. Lifeteams helped shape the person I am today. And I like this person!!

Learning to be the hands and feet of Jesus

Nemiah pic 17.jpgZach – Lifeteams 2012/13

Lifeteams has changed my life. It has changed me through the classroom, through my placement at Cyrus Centre, through living in the house with my roommates, who I call family now, but most of all it has changed my heart towards people. I get asked a lot what the number one thing I had learned at Lifeteams was. It wasn’t learning how to write an A+ academic paper – it was how to be the hands and feet of Jesus, in my actions, my words, and in my heart. My number one advice for going into Lifeteams is do not miss out! Be like tofu and soak up all the flavours that Lifeteams has to offer.


Building a solid foundation

PageLines- Liannespic-beachjump.jpgAmanda – Lifeteams 2008-2009

A bunch of years ago I took off to BC for a few months – and haven’t ever been the same since. This place and these people helped dramatically and radically change my life. I can’t sum up the amazing blessing Lifeteams has been in my life or how thankful I am to have found some of my closest friends at this beautiful place. Not only does Lifeteams train and equip youth workers to impact our cities, they help young adults deepen their relationship with Jesus and build a solid foundation on God. 

Terrifying but awesome…

IMG_9068SERGIO – Lifeteams 10/11

” 600+ hours of time spent actually working with kids! Sounds terrifying – but it was AWESOME. Yet…

Lifeteams extends beyond just the 9 months of you living with a group of people learning about youth outreach. Read the name again.  It’s Lifeteams… The environment in my year, and my willingness to open up and press in to the experience opened a door for me to form relationships with my fellow students–and the staff–that are long lasting and deep. That’s Lifeteams.”

Grew to love strangers…


Lifeteams Student – 07/08

“Lifeteams is where I met myself; the good, the bad, and the wig-wearing fruitcake with fishlips. When you live in community you can’t hide from anyone, especially yourself. I also grew to love the strangers God placed in my path. I learned to not just be a ‘good’ roommate, but a genuine one; and most importantly I learned that teamwork is so much more than being tolerant of differences, it’s embracing them. Continue reading Grew to love strangers…