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Life honouring God…


Lifeteams Student – 07/08

Jessie-Marie- Nemiah Valley, B.C.“One of the best things I could have invested my time and year into. It stretched me beyond what I thought I could do and I learnt amazing new ways to live a life honouring God. Through my time at Lifeteams I captured a new understanding of who I am and who God made me to be and learnt how to live that fully in my daily life. What more could I have asked for? An amazing community, great teaching, great adventure and a place to live honestly and truly – in my good and my bad – being accepted and loved.”


Drawn me closer…

Jimmy- Abbotsford, B.C.JIMMY

Lifeteams Student – 04/05

“Lifeteams was an incredible journey in which I found a better understanding of who I am and who God is. The classes were great and between that and the adventure, I found myself drawn closer to God with a hunger to actively live as the hands and feet of Jesus. My Lifeteams experience has been one of the most challenging and greatest times of my life, and the life lessons I have learned are invaluable.”