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It takes five…

edge 2

“I used to stare down and wonder at the fall. Would it be quick or slow, or would images haunt me forever Until somebody pulled me from the edge and taught me to fly?”

This is a quote written by a student during last week’s Mental Health Awareness campaign. It’s about the battle with suicidal thoughts and a young person waiting to be rescued by someone. Continue reading It takes five…

I’ve been ready all my life

imagesI had a birthday this month. I am now a few years into the second half of my first century. Not too big a deal.

I tell people that I still feel thirty. The truth is, I don’t really remember what I felt like at thirty. The lines get a bit blurred for me some days as to what the number of my age means.

One of my students shares the same birthday as me. She turned 19. Just starting life. Becoming an adult, she said. A big deal. I turned 53. Old by my students’ standards. Not a big deal. Continue reading I’ve been ready all my life

The power of noticing

PageLines- biblestuff.jpgI heard a story from a young man yesterday – a gifted, compassionate, gentle young man with a contagious smile on his face.  It was a story of despair, of lostness, of profound rejection by the very people who should have loved him the most. But the story didn’t end there – God’s story never does.  He told of a note that changed his life.  Nothing profound – nothing grand – a simple one line note by a person who moved through the periphery of his life, yet took the time to stop and write a simple note directing him to something that was good and right and true.  And since then, everything has changed.

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It matters to me

nemiah pic.jpgThere was a message on my phone Christmas Eve from Nancy:

“Mom, I really miss you tonight. My family is so messed up and I feel so alone and discouraged. We’re trying to make life different for our little girl, but it’s hard. I love you and I’m glad you love me, but I feel so sad.”

Nancy was my foster daughter 25 years ago when she was a teenager on the streets in Winnipeg. She came from a hurting family that came from a hurting culture with a heartbreaking story of abuse and injury. Sometimes I get discouraged and wonder .

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Replacement Skills

PageLines- Speaking.jpgSelf-harm becomes an addiction because it works – in the short term. Quitting cold-turkey is very difficult because of this. Be sure to respond non-judgmentally and be willing to walk the long road to recovery with your youth as they have their ups and downs. The “replacement” list below offers a few ideas to help you and the youth compose her/his own list of “replacements”, to offer themselves options when the self harm urge takes over.

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