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Colin: Chain Reactions

Red chain linkIt is amazing to see the chain reaction of God’s wisdom being poured into people. We had a guest speaker (Dave), who is a mentor and close friend of Rob and Iona, come in and talk about relationships which was very insightful. It was very clear to me that Dave was having God’s truth poured into him, and he was investing in Rob, who is investing in me, and I am pouring into ‘Andy’ and the other youth.

These links are really cool to realize. Continue reading Colin: Chain Reactions

Kayla: Love Lumps

board gamesThe other night, during an animated, laughter-filled game of ‘Taboo’, there was an especially fragrant aroma of joy at the RV. It was my friend Nathan’s turn to guess. The word was ‘love handles’. A few quick glances were shared, the timer was flipped and the round was on!

Nathan’s partner went right into explaining that lovely deposit of excess which sits right above the hips–most prominent, often spilling over, when wearing pants with a tight waistband.

“Muffin-top!” Nathan exclaimed. Continue reading Kayla: Love Lumps

Bryan: God and a Cup of Coffee

coffee-moneySince Lifeteams started I’ve been particularly worried about money. Mostly because I don’t have any and I’m fundraising my support. It’s been tough. This week at placement I took Brett for a coffee. Before Brett and I left I grabbed one of the $5 Tim Hortons cards that are available for the staff. We walked up to Tims and talked a little bit about his family and about his big dreams of working in the oil fields (where everyone gets rich apparently). When we arrived we ordered 2 coffees and just as I was about to swipe the gift card he asked if we could bring back a bagel for his girlfriend. I was doing the math in my head and I realized quite quickly this would be coming out to more than the $5 that I had on my gift card. I’ve got no money, but I decided … Continue reading Bryan: God and a Cup of Coffee

Kahala: So Much More Then That

    1374362_10201611901473768_1795598743_n Seven weeks ago, I drove up the driveway to Hill Haven, also known as the Lifehouse. As I climbed the driveway, I was not sure what it fully meant or what God was going to do. All I knew was that God had called me to this discipleship school called Lifeteams. I still do not know what it fully means but what I have come to learn in the past seven weeks is that God is going to stretch and grow me, He is going to get me to step outside of my comfort zones. One way He is already doing this is living in a house with nine housemates. Continue reading Kahala: So Much More Then That

Cassia: There Is Hope

DARK-THOUGHTSI had my first dealing with a suicide threat.

It happened just the other day. It was almost instinctive. Go into help mode. What can I do?  What do I say? I didn’t realize the aftermath. I didn’t realize how I would be affected by it. Shaken up.

Growing up, I had my ups and downs, but for the most part I was a generally happy kid. A happy teenager. I had great friends, I was smart, I did extra curricular activities, I had a job. Life was good. I didn’t have

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Sage: Hitting the Wall

561505_10153246676315720_31723585_nAs I sit under the maple tree looking up at the stars I sit in my frustrations and reflect on the day. I”m a little dazed today on why I agreed to do this program called “Lifeteams”? This program sure is testing my very being and on a day like today it shakes me. As I think, I get bombarded with a million thoughts and questions and the whys wander to the front of my mind. Why am I so easily frustrated these days? Why do I feel like my emotions are spaghetti noodles getting thrown against the wall?

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Bryan: I’m Learning About Cigarettes

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 1.07.07 PMThis week I’m learning about cigarettes. It’s fascinating, I started working at a drop in centre here in Abbotsford about two and a half weeks ago and I learned very quickly that cigarettes are a huge part of most of the teens lives. Some days it seems as though they just spend all day smoking and figuring out ways to get more smokes. Continue reading Bryan: I’m Learning About Cigarettes

Amanda: Flashbacks

942937_10152845064040655_543666251_nI can’t believe the life the life I’ve had. On Saturday we are heading up to Nemiah Valley, a First Nations Community north of Williams Lake, and as I was preparing for one of my lessons I’ll be teaching up there in the elementary school, I was just overcome with unbelief almost. I’m sharing my story of when I was bullied in high school, and Continue reading Amanda: Flashbacks

Amanda: Together

1465267_10153565187320655_1347091289_nThere are 10 of us here living in our house up on the hill. I am constantly blown away by my house mates in their kindness and love and just who they are. I am so blessed to know all of them, especially my roommate Sage. God completely blessed me with a wonderful roommate who has been a great friend and encourager since day one. God knew exactly what he was doing when he orchestrated this.
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Bryan: When to Lead and When to Follow

575064_4846505481206_484078715_nThe first week has wrapped up and I’m realizing more and more that all of us are very strong leaders, but yet we all know when it’s time to take a back seat and follow.


On wednesday we took some time to be alone with John 17:9-26. If you’re unfamiliar with the passage, it’s the tail end of Jesus’ last recorded prayer over the disciples before the garden of gethsemane and his betrayal. The last little bit is really cool because it speaks directly to us, the disciples that come after the original 12. Jesus prays the exact same thing over us as he does over his Continue reading Bryan: When to Lead and When to Follow

Jacob: Adventures Everywhere

jacobThis last week has been exceptionally amazing. We went Caving to start off the week, which was terrifying and amazing all at the same time. We crawled on our bellies through tunnels only a couple feet wide and down holes that sometimes ended abruptly and we had to back out. I was always so excited when I was in the dark caves for a long time and eventually saw light because I knew that if I needed it there was an escape and I wasn’t trapped. It reminded me of how when… Continue reading Jacob: Adventures Everywhere