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ISSUE: Disordered Eating (5:00)

We’ve likely all met (or been) someone who has disordered habits when it comes to eating, body image, or food, and we’ve likely all wondered how to help.

In this video, Jen Hubbard shows us how to encourage teens toward fullness, wholeness, and health in their lives by giving them better tools and resources.

To view our Disordered Eating helpsheet that accompanies this video click HERE.

To download the helpsheet click HERE.

Jen Hubbard is a Lifeteams staff and long-time youth worker. Jen loves to help people learn to live in wholeness. When she’s not working with youth, Jen loves hanging out with her husband & 3 sons, drinking slurpees and going to the beach.

It matters to me

nemiah pic.jpgThere was a message on my phone Christmas Eve from Nancy:

“Mom, I really miss you tonight. My family is so messed up and I feel so alone and discouraged. We’re trying to make life different for our little girl, but it’s hard. I love you and I’m glad you love me, but I feel so sad.”

Nancy was my foster daughter 25 years ago when she was a teenager on the streets in Winnipeg. She came from a hurting family that came from a hurting culture with a heartbreaking story of abuse and injury. Sometimes I get discouraged and wonder .

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Link: Heart Touchers/Heart 4 Teens

Heart Touchers/Heart 4 Teens– “This inspirational list [site] for teenagers is run by Chicken Soup Authors Michael and Kristi Powers. Michael is also the Youth Pastor at Faith Community Church in Janesville, WI.” There are over 25 categories covering everything from Creation to who the creators are to audio links on weekly talks. The key feature of this site is that youth can “Subscribe to our free weekly E-zine that contains inspirational stories and poetry, most often… Continue reading Link: Heart Touchers/Heart 4 Teens