Lifeteams Shaped Me!

lifeteams14-15-8RACHEL | Year 15
After Lifeteams, Rachel did a Child and Youth Care program in college, then went on to work in a group home for 2 years. Now, she is going back to school to be an admin assistant. She’s enjoyed the journey so far and still looks back on Lifeteams as a formative year in her life. 

“Lifeteams taught me what it looks like to be the same person everywhere I go. Whether I’m hanging out with youth, meeting with my mentor, doing homework or just being goofy – I’ve learned to know and be myself and to honour God in everything. Our teachers modelled this very well and a good chunk of what I took away from Lifeteams was just from watching how our teachers lived their lives. Lifeteams helped shape the person I am today. And I like this person!”