Further Training

Things You Need to Know as a Community Youth Worker – is a practical booklet offering some foundational skills and thoughts about community-based youth work.  Created by front-line staff from Edmonton Youth Unlimited, this little booklet will guide you into engaging with young people in ways that are both impactful and life-giving … for you and the teens. Download the Electronic Version -Things you need to know as a community youth worker here or the Printable Version – Things you need to know as a community youth worker to pass on to your volunteers.

MORE Online Training Resources:

Fuller Youth Institute – has excellent training resources to equip the urban youth worker.  Although written from an American context, there is a wealth of information on this site, addressing everything form using hip hop culture in ministry to self-care in the middle of chronic crisis ministry.

Youth Ministry 360 – provides a training blog with archived resources that provide information for the faith-based youth worker.  Most of the training topics are from the context of church youth work, but many of the discipleship concepts can be transferred to community youth work.

Project Youth Ministry – focuses on youth ministry within Catholic parishes and offers so solid content for connecting youth to spiritual practices. This page has  number of instructional and inspirational videos.

Other Training Ideas:

Lifeteams Onsite – offers an 8 1/2 month training school, preparing young adults work with high risk youth from a faith-based perspective.

The following Bible Colleges work in partnership with Lifeteams Onsite to provide a specialized youth work degree, allowing students to include this one year of hands-on training in community youth work in their degree program:

Briercrest College (Saskatchewan)

Columbia Bible College (B.C.)

Ambrose University College (Alberta)

Prairie Bible Institute (Alberta)






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