Support Sites for Youth

If you are dealing with difficult life issues it can often feel like you are the only one and that there is something really wrong about you. The truth is that you aren’t the only one. You’re not weird and you’re not crazy. In fact, you’re probably a pretty strong person because you are surviving this – even just for this moment.

Here are a few sites that might help you understand yourself and the things you are going through a bit better.  Know that in the middle of whatever you are going through, you’ve never been alone for a minute because the God who made you is crazy about you – just the way you are. Yup, it’s true. Try talking to him. And then check out the “human” resources below. 🙂

Kids Help Phone – An anonymous and confidential on-line and phone professional counselling service. It’s a safe place to ask questions and get help with issues that are troubling youth like bullying, eating disorders, depression, and violence. (It’s also a great place for you as a youth worker to call and get guidance on helping services available for youth in your community.) – An early psychosis prevention program full of information on psychosis and practical resources for treatment and recovery. Also includes ways to help someone who is suffering. – A website providing practical resources for anxiety. Includes interactive, informative pages for youth to learn about anxiety and how to cope with it. – An interactive website with information on issues such as substance use, depression and eating disorders. Includes personal stories as well as practical help resources. – This website provides lists of resources for issues such as abuse, drugs & addiction, employment, and mental health issues. It’s developed to provide support for youth who want to understand what’s going on inside of them.


Resources to transform you and your world.