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Living in community brings a whole new dimension to authentically living as a Jesus follower. As one student put it, “These people see me all the time – even when I’m not looking quite as spiritual as I did the first week of class – and they love me anyway!”

It is through this acceptance we feel from each other – warts and all – that we experience the incredible acceptance our Father offers us. Author John Ortberg suggests that “God creates inside this man a kind of ‘human-shaped void’ that God himself will not fill.” And what can fill this hole? Community- authentic living with others!

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Lifeteams students come from different countries, different homes, different churches and different backgrounds. Together they form a community of faith that propels them into the world around them. 

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Mentoring, teaching, training, and guiding are not words we take lightly. Being on staff at Lifeteams keeps us learning and growing and listening to God. It is a privilege to be growing side by side with an exceptional team of students every year.


Rob has worked with teens for years as a family counselor, drug and alcohol counselor, hockey coach, and friend. He loves to laugh, drink coffee and push people to the edge of their limits.

Our ‘fearless leader’ is responsible for one-on-one mentorship with the guys, leading the adventure and outreach component, and supervising ministry placements. Rob has a Masters Degree in Counselling from Trinity Western University.


iona head shotIONA SNAIR

Iona’s past experiences stretch from working with street kids, to youth pastoring, to teaching at a college, but her favorite job is working with Rob to raise their two sons. She has been known to go miles out of her way just to get a good slurpee. Once that is completed she’s up for pretty much any challenge.

Iona mentors the female students and is one of our course instructors at Lifeteams. She has a Masters of Arts in Christian Studies from Regent College in Vancouver.



Brian has always considered it a privilege to be involved in the lives of teens. He and his wife Betty have made it through raising two of them, and he still likes them!

Brian ensures that a wide variety of instructors are a part of the program, giving students insight from a broad base of experience and perspective. Brian has a Masters in Religious Education from Trinity Western University.



Jen works as a mentor for the girls, an instructor, and a general Lifeteams fan. She is on staff with Vancouver Youth for Christ and is married to Andrew, who she really seems to like a lot! She’s an adventurer, a coke slurpee addict (not that there’s anything wrong with that), a mom to three small boys, and a God lover. Jen has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Trinity Western University.





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