What We Do

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Lifeteams emphasizes experience-based training in the context of community living, spiritual formation, practical teaching and relational youth work. It provides a place for God to impact you while you are impacting  young people who aren’t likely to find their way inside the doors of a church – unless someone goes and meets them in their world.

It’s not for those who are looking to be a spectator for a year, because Lifeteams is about stretching and discovering and growing in ways that only God can orchestrate.  It’s a challenge.  It’s an adventure.  It’s stepping beyond the edge of your comfort zone and realizing God was there waiting.

So what does that look like in an average week?

Community Livinglunch group

Lifeteams offers the unique opportunity to live under one roof with a community of passionate young adults who share your heart for justice – and keep you accountable to “living justly” in everyday life. Living in a community with 10 – 12 others for 8 months, gives you the opportunity to practice fully authentic faith, that dissolves the separation between ministry and life, and challenges you like you’ve never been challenged before.  Sometimes personal spirituality is best worked out in the everyday stuff of life.  At the end of Lifeteams, you will know why God thinks we need each other if we’re really going to make a difference.

Relational Youth Work

Youth outreach is the main context for ministry training at Lifeteams. Two days a week are focused on relationship building with teens, mentorship from Youth For Christ ministry staff, and experience in program development. Students are matched in teams of two with a relational youth work setting in the Greater Vancouver area that fits their passions and gifting. They work side by side with veteran youth missionaries, creating opportunities in the every day and the extreme to impact teens for Jesus. Check out Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited’s website and The Cyrus Centre to see some of the programs students may be matched with.Nemiah pic 11

Experience-Based Learning

Lifeteams is about finding yourself in the middle of learning and not even knowing “class” has started. Experiences that develop courage, dependence on God and servanthood are followed by group debriefing times where the learning moves beyond the mind and into the spirit. Exposure to everything from the realities of inner city street life to negotiating the dark tunnels of a mountain cave will challenge you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and move from self-reliance to greater reliance on God.

Interactive Instruction

Two days a week are focused on exploring and developing core foundational ideas and practices in the areas of spiritual formation, soul care, interpersonal communication, and skills for youth outreach. College level courses aimed at expanding your outlook, knowledge, and ability are paired with practical, interactive assignments that help you put feet on the head knowledge. In the 8 1/2 months you will complete the equivalent of 9 Bible College courses that are fully transferable.


At Lifeteams a lot happens in a week.  Mentorship offers someone who has walked with God for a lot of years to journey alongside of you for a while, challenging you and supporting you as you process the things God is teaching you. The program is intentionally small to allow for individual input on many levels and mentorship is an essential part of each week.

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