Where We Are

vertical house corner veiwLifeteams is located at 4055 Lakemount Rd. in Abbotsford, BC
-about 1 hour east of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Students live in a former retreat centre, set on the side of a mountain and overlooking the beautiful Fraser Valley below.

It may seem like an odd location for a school of “urban” youth outreach, but the serenity of the setting provides a peaceful contrast to many of the places at which students will find themselves ministering weekly.

The Lifehouse wgroup picnic verticalas gifted to the program as a place where young leaders could find God and be equipped for ministry.  It is the training centre,
student dorm, worship centre, and home base for the 8 1/2 months of the program.




The amazing location of our facility can also brings a challenge – locating the building in the beautiful countryside! Unfortunately many GPS systems misguide drivers into a local field. Please note the written directions below and be sure they match with your GPS.

Directions from Hwy. #1 coming from the West:

– Take the Whatcom Exit North on the East side of Abbotsford

– Turn right on North Parallel Road (at the Tim Hortons)

– Follow as the road turns right at the first stop sign (Eldridge) and crosses a small bridge, then bears left to continue running parallel to the highway.

– Take your first left turn on McDermott (which becomes Lakemount)

– Turn left and drive up the hill on the 2nd driveway after crossing the bridge

Directions from Hwy. #1 coming from the East:

– Take #3 Road Exit off of Hwy #1 about 12 km. after Chilliwack

– On the north side of the highway, turn left on N. Parallel road.

– Turn right on McDermott (which becomes Lakemount).

– Turn left into the 2nd driveway after crossing the bridge.

image (5)

The view as you cross the bridge on McDermott. This road becomes Lakemount Rd. directly after the bridge, leading you to the Lifeteams driveway which climbs up the hill on your left.

image (6)
The entrance of the Lifeteams driveway. Turn up this hill and at the end you’ll discover the Lifehouse.





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