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ISSUE: Disordered Eating (5:00)

We’ve likely all met (or been) someone who has disordered habits when it comes to eating, body image, or food, and we’ve likely all wondered how to help.

In this video, Jen Hubbard shows us how to encourage teens toward fullness, wholeness, and health in their lives by giving them better tools and resources.

To view our Disordered Eating helpsheet that accompanies this video click HERE.

To download the helpsheet click HERE.

Jen Hubbard is a Lifeteams staff and long-time youth worker. Jen loves to help people learn to live in wholeness. When she’s not working with youth, Jen loves hanging out with her husband & 3 sons, drinking slurpees and going to the beach.

Issue: Disordered Eating

4386eating-disorder3There are some signs of disordered eating that you can pick up on if you are paying attention. Keep in mind that not every youth who complains about their weight has an eating disorder. Don’t go jumping at shadows. However if you see one of these red flags be sure to keep your eyes out for others.

View and download the Helpsheet HERE.
Recommended reading: Anorexia Diaries by Linda M. Rio and Tara M. Rio