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Issue: Suicide

Suicide only becomes an option when the person feels that there is no other out, no other escape. Suicide can be seen as the person’s only way to escape their deep emotional pain. Often a suicidal person will be depressed and will have tried to manage their pain with self-harm or other methods first. When those methods no longer work, suicide can become the next choice. How do we as youth workers respond?

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Recommended reading: “Helping Your Friends To Live” by Jerry Johnston, D.Min; “What Do I Do When Teenagers Are Depressed And Contemplate Suicide?” by Dr. Steve Gerali

Link: Aboriginal Youth Support

Honouring Life Network: Aboriginal youth suicide prevention website.

This website has a number of useful and informative resources. There a videos about supporting those affected by suicide or struggling with suicidal thoughts as well as youth talking about how to prevent suicide and honour life. There are numerous ideas for Aboriginal youth and those working with Aboriginal youth. Continue reading Link: Aboriginal Youth Support

Book Review: “What Do I Do when Teenagers Deal with Death?”

“What Do I Do when Teenagers Deal With Death?” by Dr. Steven Gerali

This book is very academic. It reads like a text book, but if you are looking for a useful (although dry) look at youth work and death, it’s worth having on your shelf. For a small book it was a surprisingly thick read. The material is… Continue reading Book Review: “What Do I Do when Teenagers Deal with Death?”

“Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers”

“Straight Talk about Death For Teenagers -How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love” by Earl A. Grollman

The title doesn’t lie. This book was a shoot from the hip, no sugar coating, direct talk about the realities of grief. It didn’t step softly around the harsh truths of grief, often saying blunt stand-alone sentences like, “The person you loved is dead.” and “They are never coming back.” or “Every love story eventually ends in death.”

Having said that, I liked it. … Continue reading “Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers”