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Issue: Helping Youth Help Themselves

As we walk with youth through difficulty we need to be intentional about how much hands on support we offer. Iona Snair shows us how we can focus on empowering these youth we work closely with.

Click HERE to view the accompanying Helpsheet on this topic.

Click HERE to download the accompanying Helpsheet on this topic.

Issue: Helping Youth Help Themselves

As youth workers we can get stuck in ‘rescuing’ the youth we work with and forget about empowering them to manage their lives. Iona Snair shares with us how we can go about teaching this vital life skill to youth.

View the Helpsheet HERE.

(download a black and white Helpsheet HERE)

(download a color Helpsheet HERE)

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The power of noticing

PageLines- biblestuff.jpgI heard a story from a young man yesterday – a gifted, compassionate, gentle young man with a contagious smile on his face.  It was a story of despair, of lostness, of profound rejection by the very people who should have loved him the most. But the story didn’t end there – God’s story never does.  He told of a note that changed his life.  Nothing profound – nothing grand – a simple one line note by a person who moved through the periphery of his life, yet took the time to stop and write a simple note directing him to something that was good and right and true.  And since then, everything has changed.

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