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Issue: Broken Homes (3:11)

1 in 3 teens live in the context of a broken home. We know you see their hurt. And we know you want to respond.

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Issue: Teens who Self-Harm

There are many different reasons for youth to self-harm. If they feel numb, they can self- harm to feel alive. If they are angry, they can self harm to punish someone else. It can take many different forms – anything from cutting to unsafe sex. The most common reason people start self-harming is to reduce emotional distress. And in the immediate, it works. That’s why self-harm is so addicting.

Download the Helpsheet PDF HERE.

(download the Helpsheet PDF HERE)

Further recommended  reading: “Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut” by Marv Penner, and  “Healing the Hurt Within ”  by J. Hope Sutton

WARNING: We don’t recommend kids going onto online forums and talking about self-harm. In our experience it seems to trigger the urge to self harm, teach them, increase their options of how to do it, and how to keep it secret longer. Having said that there are many online forums for kids to get plugged into. If a young person is involved in online forums anyway, it’s important that they plug into a positive forum focused on health and help.    www.recoveryourlife.com provides some less negative and more healthy online exchanges.

Link: Self-Harm

There are a number of solid resources to help us get a better understanding of the minds and hearts of teens who self-harm, and how we can help.

Here are a few:

To Write Love on Her Arms – The story and intent behind this movement makes it a good place to start. Their blogs on self harm are not focused on treatment but on inspiration and understanding of those who are in this battle.

Cycle of Self-harm – An excellent diagram explain the cycle that many who self-injure find themselves in over and over again. Taken from  Healing the Hurt Within: Understand Self-injury and Self-harm, and Heal the Emotional Wounds , and great resource to help the youth worker know where to start.

Helpguide – These pages offer a short yet comprehensive overview that looks at questions like “why does it work” and “what can I do?”  It also includes myths, warning signs, and helpful links.


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Link: Aboriginal Youth Support

Honouring Life Network: Aboriginal youth suicide prevention website.

This website has a number of useful and informative resources. There a videos about supporting those affected by suicide or struggling with suicidal thoughts as well as youth talking about how to prevent suicide and honour life. There are numerous ideas for Aboriginal youth and those working with Aboriginal youth. Continue reading Link: Aboriginal Youth Support

Book Review: “What Do I Do when Teenagers Deal with Death?”

“What Do I Do when Teenagers Deal With Death?” by Dr. Steven Gerali

This book is very academic. It reads like a text book, but if you are looking for a useful (although dry) look at youth work and death, it’s worth having on your shelf. For a small book it was a surprisingly thick read. The material is… Continue reading Book Review: “What Do I Do when Teenagers Deal with Death?”

“Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers”

“Straight Talk about Death For Teenagers -How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love” by Earl A. Grollman

The title doesn’t lie. This book was a shoot from the hip, no sugar coating, direct talk about the realities of grief. It didn’t step softly around the harsh truths of grief, often saying blunt stand-alone sentences like, “The person you loved is dead.” and “They are never coming back.” or “Every love story eventually ends in death.”

Having said that, I liked it. … Continue reading “Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers”

“Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut”

“Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut” by Marv Penner

Amazon description:  “You”ll hear stories from teens and young adults who struggle with the urge to hurt themselves, and you”ll learn to recognize the signs of self-injury. In addition, counselor and professor, Marv Penner will help… Continue reading “Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut”