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“Understanding Sexual Identity” by Mark A Yarhouse

Understanding Sexual Identity          (Mark A Yarhouse)                               Teens these days are questioning everything–including their sexual identities. Rather than getting in caught up in a theological discussion (though he does discuss the Side A & Side B biblical approaches), Yarhouse talks about how to connect with teens and love them through their questioning. His strongest suggestion is to listen to their identity questions rather than labelling them–just as we would look beyond blue hair or piercings and attempt to see the teen beneath. He emphasizes that we look at the adolescent development taking place, rather than focussing on the questions that come up during this time. The book gives excellent suggestions for navigating conversations. -Book Review by Jen Hubbard.


Bridging the Gap with LGBTQ Kids (3:21min)

bridging the gapWendy Gritter – Executive Director of New Direction Ministries – shares practical and powerful ideas for  bridging the gap between you as a Christian youth worker and an LGBTQ youth in ways that will build relationships rather than erect barriers. Important information as we seek to connect with this highly at-risk group of teens.

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