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ISSUE: Grief (3:41)


While we can’t keep grief from happening, we can walk well with those who are in it. In this video, Jen Hubbard shows us how we can respond well to teens struggling with loss.

To view our grief helpsheet that accompanies this video click HERE.

To download the helpsheet click HERE.

Jen Hubbard is a Lifeteams staff and long-time youth worker. Jen loves to help people learn to live in wholeness. When she’s not working with youth, Jen loves hanging out with her husband & 3 sons, drinking slurpees and going to the beach.

Issue: Teens in Grief


We often don’t recognize grief for what it is. Grief can be about more than death–it’s about loss, or even perceived loss.  Teens working through grief need your time–and your care.

View and download the Helpsheet HERE.

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