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Issue: High Conflict Youth

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When emotion is high, thinking is low.

Working with high conflict youth can bring out heightened emotions in youth workers just as much as in the youth. So how do we help teens without getting caught up in their drama?

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“I Hate You-Don’t Leave Me: Understanding the Borderline Personality” by Jerold J Kreisman & Hal Strauss


hateyoudontleavebookI hate you–Don’t leave me
(Jerold J Kreisman & Hal Strauss)

Written with a focus on borderline personality disorder, at heart, this book describes the aching in-chronic-crisis teens we encounter in our work everyday. And while not every teen has borderline personality disorder, youth workers working with teens in crisis will recognize the cycles of behaviour described and be encouraged with the strategies provided to assist teens as they navigate their messy lives. -Book Review by Jen Hubbard

Issue: Anxiety (4:52)

Anxiety impacts roughly 1 in 5 Canadian teens–and it’s often confusing to know how to help. This video gives an overview of the signs & symptoms, plus simple tips for assisting teens in moving forward.

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Issue: Self-Injury (4:42)

Screen shot 2014-07-05 at 12.06.05 AMSelf-harm can be confusing because it may present itself differently in different teens. But one thing that is predictable is the cycle the young person moves through. Learn to recognize the phases of the cycle and what you can do to respond to self-harm when you see it in a youth.

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Walking with a Youth that Struggles with Depression (2:26min)


how to walkMark Stromenberg- Community Youth Worker with Cambridge Youth Unlimited– gives excellent insight into how to walk alongside a youth who is struggling with depression.

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Link: Understanding Psychosis in Youth

psychosisThis is an early psychosis prevention program full of information on psychosis and practical resources for treatment and recovery. Approximately three per cent of the population will experience a psychotic episode at some point in their lives; many will have their first experience in adolescence or early adulthood. For some, the symptoms come on gradually and appear to be the behaviours of a “difficult teen”; in others, the symptoms appear rapidly and are clearly the result of a disorder. This website gives insight into what psychosis looks likeAlso includes ways to help someone who is suffering. www.psychosissucks.ca

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