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“Stolen” by Katarina Rosenblatt, PhD


Stolen (Katarina Rosenblatt, PhD)
Written from the perspective of a survivor of the the web of sex trafficking, the book leads you chronologically through her journey–from the missing ingredients in her life that made a life of sex trafficking more accessible to the events that lead her away and into a journey of healing for herself and others.
It’s an eye opening story that helps the reader understand how subtly sex trafficking has invaded our suburban lives–and why we need to
be on watch for those at risk in our communities. -Book Review by Jen Hubbard.

Issue: Sexual Exploitation

centre for child protection

Sexual exploitation of youth can happen in many different contexts, from the back streets of the city to the school hallways to the young person’s computer.  Stopping the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth is a really informative booklet that explores everything from who is vulnerable to sexual exploitation, to what that can look like and how you can help (it’s a great teaching resource!).  Cybertip!ca is an online sexual exploitation reporting tipline that walks you through reporting suspected exploiters, with a myriad of further resources as well. Media Smarts will help you understand the risks young people face online and help you help them recognize the dangers.