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It takes five…

edge 2

“I used to stare down and wonder at the fall. Would it be quick or slow, or would images haunt me forever Until somebody pulled me from the edge and taught me to fly?”

This is a quote written by a student during last week’s Mental Health Awareness campaign. It’s about the battle with suicidal thoughts and a young person waiting to be rescued by someone. Continue reading It takes five…

Walking with a Youth that Struggles with Depression (2:26min)


how to walkMark Stromenberg- Community Youth Worker with Cambridge Youth Unlimited– gives excellent insight into how to walk alongside a youth who is struggling with depression.

Click the picture to watch the 3 min video. Continue reading Walking with a Youth that Struggles with Depression (2:26min)

Issue: Suicide

Suicide only becomes an option when the person feels that there is no other out, no other escape. Suicide can be seen as the person’s only way to escape their deep emotional pain. Often a suicidal person will be depressed and will have tried to manage their pain with self-harm or other methods first. When those methods no longer work, suicide can become the next choice. How do we as youth workers respond?

View and download the Helpsheet HERE.

Recommended reading: “Helping Your Friends To Live” by Jerry Johnston, D.Min; “What Do I Do When Teenagers Are Depressed And Contemplate Suicide?” by Dr. Steve Gerali

Cassia: There Is Hope

DARK-THOUGHTSI had my first dealing with a suicide threat.

It happened just the other day. It was almost instinctive. Go into help mode. What can I do?  What do I say? I didn’t realize the aftermath. I didn’t realize how I would be affected by it. Shaken up.

Growing up, I had my ups and downs, but for the most part I was a generally happy kid. A happy teenager. I had great friends, I was smart, I did extra curricular activities, I had a job. Life was good. I didn’t have

Continue reading Cassia: There Is Hope

Link: Self-Harm

There are a number of solid resources to help us get a better understanding of the minds and hearts of teens who self-harm, and how we can help.

Here are a few:

To Write Love on Her Arms – The story and intent behind this movement makes it a good place to start. Their blogs on self harm are not focused on treatment but on inspiration and understanding of those who are in this battle.

Cycle of Self-harm – An excellent diagram explain the cycle that many who self-injure find themselves in over and over again. Taken from  Healing the Hurt Within: Understand Self-injury and Self-harm, and Heal the Emotional Wounds , and great resource to help the youth worker know where to start.

Helpguide – These pages offer a short yet comprehensive overview that looks at questions like “why does it work” and “what can I do?”  It also includes myths, warning signs, and helpful links.


Continue reading Link: Self-Harm

Link: Aboriginal Youth Support

Honouring Life Network: Aboriginal youth suicide prevention website.

This website has a number of useful and informative resources. There a videos about supporting those affected by suicide or struggling with suicidal thoughts as well as youth talking about how to prevent suicide and honour life. There are numerous ideas for Aboriginal youth and those working with Aboriginal youth. Continue reading Link: Aboriginal Youth Support