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“Sexual Detox: A Guide for Guys who are sick of Porn” by Tim Challies


detoxpornchalliesbookSexual Detox: A Guide for Guys who are sick of porn (Tim Challies)
We know that porn is everywhere, and most often it’s not whether a teen has looked at porn–but how much has been viewed and what sort of an impact that viewing has had. This book looks at reality and the impact porn has on present and future relationships in their lives. Each chapter has follow-up questions that challenge the reader to engage in an accountability relationship for help in working

                                                                 through their struggles. -Book Review                                                                    by Jen Hubbard


Issue: Self-Injury (6:34)

Self-harm can be confusing because it may present itself differently in different teens. But one thing that is predictable is the cycle the young person moves through. Learn to recognize the phases of the cycle and what you can do to respond to self-harm when you see it in a youth.

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