//Lifeteams Quickguide

//Things You Need to Know as a Community Youth Worker 

This is a practical booklet offering some foundational skills and thoughts about community-based youth work.  Created by front-line staff from Edmonton Youth Unlimited, this little booklet will guide you into engaging with young people in ways that are both impactful and life-giving … for you and the teens. Download the Electronic Version -Things you need to know as a community youth worker here or the Printable Version – Things you need to know as a community youth worker to pass on to your volunteers.

//STEM Conversation Starters

Print and cut out these conversation starters to help get the dialogue rolling with your teens.

//UNTIELAND – Team Building Game

//Take Action Against Depression – Workbook

“Use our Take Action against Depression Workbook to kick-start a campaign against depression in your own life. Working through the modules offers a personalised step-by-step pathway to apply relevant information and strategies for overcoming your depression.”

//Teens & Anxiety Infographic

“Teens, in specific, must deal with friends, dating, school, competitive sports, family conflicts, and other stressful situations. When these get out of hand, they can cause an excessive amount of stress to the point that an individual can’t accomplish their goals, and an anxiety disorder is developed. Recognizing the causes, signs, and symptoms of anxiety in teens can allow solutions and help to be sought out and implemented.”

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