What I learned at Lifeteams …

LAURA –sergio laura

Lifeteams 10/11

“There were many great things that Lifeteams taught me, but I think among those many great things there is one journey that was part of it all. It’s the journey of becoming vulnerable to those around us which invites those around us to do the same, and by doing so they meet their true identity. What I mean by this is that through a vulnerable broken community we come face to face with our true selves. That we are but dust, weak and powerless and yet deeply loved by a great and powerful unseen God. I was reading something the other day that further reminded me of this and encouraged me to keep living life with others this way. It said this:

‘…our identities are transformed with and through others. And, by discovering our true identities, we also make ourselves available to secure justice by affirming the dignity and identity of those on the margins.’

Jean Vanier, who has given his life to the mentally and physically disabled through L’Arche communities, sums it up beautifully: ‘People come to our communities because they want to serve the poor; they will only stay once they have discovered that they themselves are poor. And then they discover something extraordinary: that Jesus came to bring the good news to the poor, not to those who serve the poor!’

We were not left alone on this earth; we were left with each other, and for good reason. God deeply desires us to experience the kind of community that He lives in eternally. Lifeteams presents an opportunity where you can experience a taste of this kind of community.”