A Small Group Curriculum for Developing Resilience in Young People.


The Listening Group is an 8 session curriculum and guide, providing small group leaders with a place to begin conversations and build important communication skills, leading to the development of resilience in young people aged 13 plus. It’s not a Bible study, it’s not a support group, and it’s not a class. Instead, it’s a guided experience of sharing thoughts, ideas, and stories around topics that relate to the skill of listening. Participants don't have to think about how to begin the conversation, manage the conversation, or even keep people’s attention because the facilitator ensures that everyone is heard and that everyone has the opportunity to listen. The facilitator also acts as a participant leader, inviting young people who know Jesus and those who don't yet to observe a life lived with the God who "inclines his ear to listen" to his children.


This 72 page package includes:

-An introduction to Listening Groups

-An 8-session starter curriculum

-A Facillitator's Guide

-11 pages of reusable small group tools.


"Sometimes I think teenagers must feel like they are bobbing on a stormy ocean with only inflatable arm-floaties to keep them above the water! 


As youth workers, we don’t have the power to change the weather patterns or calm the stormy ocean, but we can help teens learn how to build a boat that will carry them through the rough waters they find themselves in.


This brand new group curriculum is exactly that - one of the many things you can do to help young people build a better boat. 


A Listening Group can be a transformative force in the lives of participants, and it all begins with making space to listen.


Our hope is that this resource will guide you in creating another place for young people to see and experience the heart of God for them and in them. "



I'm Listening - Small Group Curriculum Book

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