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Camp Tools

Lifeteams Tools

Finding a
Better Way

Video resource on conversations with Gender & Sexual Minority Youth.


Big 5 Card

A printable calming tool for grounding big emotions.

Question ball.jpg

Question Ball

A creative conversation starter for one-on-ones or small groups.


Camp Liverwurst

the first in a new series of short novels that cabin leaders can read aloud to their middle-school campers to spark dialogues about Jesus.

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Quickguide Card

a practical guide for stepping into 4 big issues teens are facing


Emotion Emojis

A printable jumping off point for talking about difficult emotions.


Am I Safe?:

Exploring Fear and Anxiety with Children

A story and resource guide for children and the adults who care about them.


Conversation Stems

A printable conversation starter for groups or individual conversations.

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How's it Going?

 A printable tool to help teens describe how they are doing in life right now.


The Christian Camp Leader

Written by one of our Lifeteams staff, this small book has been an invaluable resource to camps around the world

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