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Lifeteams has been training young influencers for the past 20 years. Lifeteams year 24 begins on September 8th, 2024 and runs until May 11 2025. Because of the intensive mentorship focus, we select only 8-10 students each year. If you have an interest in finding out more, we’d love to talk. Contact us at or 604-825-1946 .



Our desire is to be a part of the shaping God wants to do in peoples’ lives, and to see that spill over into the lives of marginalized teens.  Education is expensive - so at Lifeteams, our staff fundraise to cover their own salaries which keeps program costs down. Your fees simply pay for your expenses. 



Including tuition, room and board, youth work practicum, transportation, and adventure activities.


School Details

Lifeteams is a certified educational institution, approved by the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. Because of this, tuition can be paid through Canadian R.E.S.P. contributions if that is something available to you through your parents. You will find Lifeteams registered under “Lifeteams School of Youth Outreach” with your R.E.S.P. provider. All students receive an educational tax credit for their tuition that will be issued at the end of the calendar year. Lifeteams is not registered with the Canadian government as a student loan program participant. Students attending Lifeteams with an existing student loan can apply for repayment to be deferred since Lifeteams functions as an unpaid internship.

Since Lifeteams is not just an educational year but also a mission year, program fees can be fundraised through a personal network of people who choose to stand with you in this ministry. Donations are tax-deductible with charitable donation receipts issued at the end of the year.  Students who are engaging in fundraising are also eligible to apply for a needs-based bursary, to help you with tuition after a fundraising plan is in place and in motion. Talk to us about the possibility. If Lifeteams is a fit for you, we will do what we can to help make it affordable!

Whether funds are an issue or not, we encourage all of our students to find a support network of people who will join them – prayerfully and financially – as they step into the lives of young people. You can become the hands of your partners at home as you reach out to troubled teens together.

For more information on the next program, call program director, Rob Snair at 604.825.1946 , or contact us at if you’d just like to hear more. 


Start the conversation – and if Lifeteams isn’t a good fit, maybe we can direct you toward a few other ideas you can explore.

We look forward to the possibility of journeying with you for a while.



If this list resonates with you – apply. If you feel a tap, tug, or push to check us out – apply. If you want to have fun, be challenged, go deeper with God, learn useful skill sets, and be part of a growing community of people taking the plunge to live intentionally – apply. If you know someone who is and wants all these things – encourage them to apply. 

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