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Lifeteams emphasizes experience-based training in the context of community living, spiritual formation, practical teaching and relational youth work. It provides a place for God to impact you while you are impacting young people who aren’t likely to find their way inside the doors of a church – unless someone goes and meets them in their world.

It’s not for those who are looking to be a spectator for a year, because Lifeteams is about stretching and discovering and growing in ways that only God can orchestrate.  It’s a challenge.  It’s an adventure.  It’s stepping beyond the edge of your comfort zone and realizing God is there waiting.










God seems to think that what we know has a pretty important role in what we do – and we agree.  Lifeteams courses happen in and out of the classroom in a variety of settings. Whether you’re the academic type or not, if you are teachable and open to God shaping every part of you Lifeteams just might be a fit.

Our Certificate in Youth Outreach offers 30 credit hours of practical training, transferable to major Bible Colleges across Canada. That’s about 1 year’s worth of transfer credit (*amount varies based on institution) if you chose to continue on to a degree or use Lifeteams as a specialty year in the middle of your degree. Through 10 courses and a practicum, students are provided with ideas and tools to take on the invitations God offers through the rest of the program. Here’s a snapshot of each course.



Are you and Lifeteams a good fit? Here’s what we are looking for in a Lifeteams student:

An intentional relationship with Jesus

We’re not looking for “casual Christians” who are content with less than what God has for them. We want people who are intentionally seeking God – who are making space in their life for God to act and are restless to know Him better. You don’t have to have it all together, but you’ve got to have it in gear.

A passion for stepping into the lives of others

Do people in need break your heart? Do you desire to have your hands follow your heart? Do you have a deep conviction that Jesus can make all the difference in a person’s life?

A love for young people

Youth Unlimited/Youth for Christ is about building relationships with young people because we genuinely like being with them. Lifeteams isn’t simply about ministry – it’s about youth ministry. We’re looking for people who believe that young people can make a difference and are incredibly precious to God.

A desire to learn and grow

We’re looking for people with a teachable spirit who appreciate learning through focused mentorship. The flow of learning tends to happen through instruction, discussion, practice, and feedback – all in the context of community. Our hope is that through the process students will grow in wisdom, not only in knowledge and that this wisdom would be seen in the way they live.

A sense of adventure

Responding to change and opportunity with enjoyment and personal flexibility is important in both a youth worker and a Lifeteams student. It’s not about ability or proficiency – it’s about eagerness to experience whatever is around the corner and trust God who is on the adventure with you.

Commitment to the value of community

Living in community is an intentional part of the Lifeteams program. Students consistently name community as one of the most valuable parts of their personal learning and character development. It’s more than living in the same place; it’s living out genuine faith side by side with people who are different than you.

Age 19 or older

We will consider a mature 18-year-old with previous youth leadership experience on an individual applicant basis. However, most of our students have had at least a year out of high school to experience life and Godliness in a more independent context. Applicants must have a grade 12 diploma unless special permission is granted.


If this list resonates with you – apply. If you feel a tap, tug, or push to check us out – apply. If you want to have fun, be challenged, go deeper with God, learn useful skill sets, and be part of a growing community of people taking the plunge to live intentionally – apply. If you know someone who is and wants all these things – encourage them to apply. 


Engaging the people of God with vulnerable youth in a way that will transform both in the process.

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