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Camp Training

Camps have an incredible impact on the lives of young people. 

But we don’t have to tell you that. The fact that you are on this page says that you are already invested in impacting children and youth through camping experiences. 

What if that impact could be increased through equipping your staff to recognize and respond to some of the core difficulties young people bring with them to camp? Many camps are finding themselves uncertain and overwhelmed in the face of young people with mental health challenges and other difficulties that threaten to steal the joy of a week of camp. 

For over 10 years we have also been training volunteers and youth workers to come alongside young people in the midst of difficult issues with competence, confidence and compassion. Over the past 8 years we have also been training staff at christian camps, equipping them with understanding and practical tools for walking alongside vulnerable young people. Our Core Training Session comes in 2 parts: ​



The Foundations session equips your staff to create an environment that allows campers to experience belonging and significance, the essential building blocks for relationships of impact.

*This session is a necessary base for the skill-building content.

Skill-Building sessions are customized to address the issues your camp identifies as being core challenges for their staff. The practical skills-based training equips camp staff with appropriate responses that keep in mind the limitations of a camp relationship, while addressing some of the unique opportunities for communicating hope and truth that come through camp.

Although Lifeteams specializes in equipping God’s people to minister to vulnerable young people, the skills taught through our camp training sessions will strengthen relationships with any camper and provide them with a reflection of God’s good heart for them.


Booking Pocess
  1. Fill out the Session Request booking form below.

  2. Wait for a call back within 7 days confirming date and sessions.

  3. Expect an invoice from Lifeteams in the week before your session with payment instructions.

  4. Sit back and be equipped!


Booking Form



Camp Qwanoes Executive Director

Having someone from Lifeteams help with some of our staff training sessions is always a highlight and extremely valuable part of our summer preparation. Everyone always loves their sessions - they are practicval, insightful and led in an engaging and encouraing way.


Stillwood Program Director

We have had the privilege of partnering with Lifeteams during our staff training for the past 4 years. It has been an incredibly valuable relationship. The wisdom and knowledge they are able to share with our staff is unparalleled. Our staff are able to enjoy their fun & informative presentations and benefit from a relationship that continues from year to year.


Camp Leadership Committee

The leadership was very happy and impressed with the teachings from Lifeteams. We were also grateful that they came to us at our training location up in the rainy woods without any technological aids. We want them to come up every year!


Daybreak Point Bible Camp/Anvil Island

When you have the chance to bring Lifeteams in to do training, you take it—and you move mountains to make sure all your staff are in attendance because there really isn't anything quite like Lifeteams in our country. These people are professional teachers, they are born to inspire, they are on the absolute cutting edge of what is becoming a more and more complex youth culture in Canada. I'm bad at math but if you put 150 summer volunteers in a room for three hours with 2 Lifeteams trainers, it's a golden formula.

Questions? Get in Touch.

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