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Supporting Your Friends Infographic

It’s a fact. Young people would rather go to a peer than an adult to seek support when they are struggling. And teens are struggling now more than ever.

Simply being in the same life space gives young people influence and opportunity to support their peers. As they reach out they grow in social skills - such as empathy and communication - that help to develop their own resilience. But compassionate young people can be in danger of becoming emotional sponges, soaking up all their friends' difficulties until they themselves are overwhelmed.

As youth workers, we need to guide and guard young people who find themselves supporting their friends. We need to equip them with skills that fit their role as friend - not counsellor. We need to help them compassionately care rather than single-handedly carry the responsibility for their friend’s hope and healing. These are big things that many of us are still learning ourselves, but beginning the conversation with youth opens up the door for them and us to learn together. 

This month we are offering you a brand new infographic we’ve created as a great place to start. With your help, your teens can discover how to offer support in ways that are good for both their friends and them as well.


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