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A Guidebook for the Journey

The young people you care for are part of the loneliest demographic on the planet.  That might not be news to you, but let it sink in for a minute.


In a recent Loneliness Survey released in June, almost 70% of young people reported feeling alone or that no one really knows them.  With imposed social isolation added to the mix, this generation is walking a difficult path. They desperately need guides to walk alongside them.


We're all tired of the effort it takes to connect right now. We've been creative - we've "pivoted" so often that we're dizzy! - but maybe it's time to direct our effort to an old idea rather than toward finding the next new one. Mentorship.


Intentional mentoring takes effort - and it communicates worth to young people who aren't sure that anyone really WANTS to know them. It creates a beautiful space for God to shape good things in young people and we get a front-row seat.


In partnership with YFC Canada, we've just released a guidebook to help you and your volunteers - build mentoring relationships. It's full of practical ideas and useful tools to move you from "hanging out" to transformational mentoring.


One adult intentionally building a supportive relationship with one youth: it can actually happen 6 feet apart - it can happen on a screen - but it can't happen unless the adult offers the invitation. Which youth in your world is needing you to ask, "Could I mentor you?".

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