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Experience Community. Grow in Faith. Explore Life.

Who we are

Who We Are.

Lifehouse is an immersive 14 week gap-year program operated by Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited. Here, you will thrive in an authentic community, mentored by leaders whose example you can follow as they follow Jesus.


Lifehouse is a place to ask your tough questions about the Bible and what it means to follow Jesus in everyday life. And it gives you space to practice what you’re learning in an atmosphere of acceptance, adventure, prayer and wonder. Your time at Lifehouse will launch you into the adult world with confidence, competence and a faith that lasts.

What you will do

What You Will Do.

  • Live in a  safe space.  The “House” address of Lifehouse is still to be determined but we are looking at some excellent options and won’t settle for anything less than amazing.

  • Be part of a community.  Work, laugh and pray together, be authentic, tell your story, receive encouragement and challenge, invest in one another.

  • Get a tutorial on life.  Learn to make meals, bake bread, change the oil in a car, manage a credit card, build a campfire, and much more that people expect you to know but don’t show you how.

  • Learn about the faith walk.  People who have walked with Jesus over time will come and lead discussions about God, spiritual practices, the Bible, leadership, helping others and taking care of the things God has entrusted to you.

  • Meet people to look up to.  We want to put you alongside the kind of people whose example is worth following and who will walk with you toward being the person you want to be.

  • Have hands-on experiences.  Put into practice what you are learning as you make a difference in the world around you.

  • Go on adventures.  BC is a playground: hiking, watersports, exploring the city, finding out-of-the-way places - all with a great new set of friends.

  • Be welcomed and appreciated.  We will love and accept you just as you are, and also love you too much to leave you there. Expect change!

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Who should apply

Who Should Apply?

Lifehouse is looking for students between the ages of 17 and 21 who have:

 A faith in Jesus

An explorer’s heart

A desire to make a difference

A craving for community

Dates & Cost
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Dates and Cost

Lifehouse will offer 2 programs a year. Students arrive on Tuesday September 7th for the fall term and conclude on Saturday, December 18th, 2021. Students can then decide whether to do a second term from March to June, 2022.


The cost is $3500 per 14 week session, which covers accommodation, meals, classes and activities. Students will want to have an additional small amount for personal needs. Lifehouse staff fundraise to cover their own salaries, which keeps program costs down. Your fees simply pay for your expenses.


What if I can’t afford it?

Program fees can be fundraised through a personal network of people who choose to stand with you. The person who has referred you to this program can help with that! Donations are tax-deductible with charitable donation receipts issued at the end of the year. Students who are engaging in fundraising are also eligible to apply for a needs-based bursary, to help you with tuition after a fundraising plan is in place and in motion. Talk to us about the possibilities. If Lifehouse is a fit for you, we will do what we can to help make it affordable!



Ready to Go?
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Ready to Go?

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